After about four to five weeks of training on the Kaehler Core I circled back to Bobby Lea to see how he was doing with the column-core training. We had done two 20 to 25 minute virtual training sessions on some base training exercises on the Kaehler Core to get him going. This was his response when I asked him if he needed another coaching session. Hey Bob, I’ve been doing so well, never been better, actually. I’m astounded at how much more solid and stable my body feels, so much better than any times when I’ve been doing big core strength work in the gym. I feel stable and balanced like I’ve never felt before. And that’s before we even talk about riding. On the bike my trunk feels incredible, and I’ve also noticed a more balanced pedal stroke with little to no upper body movement. More power on the upstroke is very noticeable, as is an insane increase in power output. And that I can objectively measure. The endurance isn’t there anymore because I’m riding 70% fewer hours per week than I used to, but sub-60 minute power numbers are damn near as good as they ever were. I wish I had this device when I was still riding for a living. -Bobby Lea Olympian (2008,12,16)