Lateral Push-off Lateral push-offs are a great way to develop side trunk/spine control that optimizes lower extremity and hip strength. The more we develop the spine to be a non-moving foundation the stronger the arms and legs become as primary body movers. The goal of this exercise is to keep the spine and pelvis absolutely stable. Meaning the hips don’t hike or rotate and the spine does not move out of its anatomical position. This ensures that 100% of the movement will occur in the hips and lower extremities. This will optimize strengthening and flexibility to the extremities while building a powerful isometric trunk/spine/pelvis. Nature starts everyone out the same and we all use the spine as a mover 24/7. Meaning the spine moves out of its anatomical position to help the arms and legs move the body. This system works until it doesn’t until injuries start showing up like low back pain or stiffness or a multitude of extremity injuries, or both. Column-core training starts reprogramming your body movement. Preserve your spine and have your arms and legs be primary body movers whenever possible. Lateral push-offs are a great way to build foot, ankle, knee, and hip strength and provide athletes with more power and speed.