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Running into 2020!

Running into 2020! Trail running is now a favorite way to get my cardio done. I love being outside and the challenges of single track trail running, but it wasn’t always fun. The first few years of trail running I sprained my ankles multiple times and tried to resolve the problem using traditional physical therapy exercises which didn’t resolve the repeated ankle sprains (swelling and pain). But that all changed once I built and started training on the K-Core and I have not had one single ankle sprain over the past 8.5 years. Today’s video is one of a number of different running exercises I do about every seven to 10 days. The column directed resistance on the K-core keep my leg flexors really strong by connecting the moving arms and legs through a fixed spine which eliminated my chronic ankle problem as well as other issues [will get to those on another blog post]. If you are suffering from any recurring training related injuries that have failed to get better doing traditional treatment there is hope. I have helped hundreds of regular athletes restore whole body strength by having them implement the column core training system. So if you are committed to getting better and finding a long-term solution I would be glad to a quick phone call so you can learn more about this revolutionary training system and how it might fit into what you are doing now. No strings attached. Thanks for following and Happy New Year!