The KAEHLER CORE was imagined and designed from Coach Bob Kaehler’s own world class athletic and rehabilitation experiences and has since been adopted by top athletes, colleges, and coaches in the United States. It is a proven injury eliminator and powerful sports performance changer. The unique Column Core Training system simulates various sporting movements, provides fitness anywhere, and allows athletes at any level to truly excel.


2017 Fall/2018

Upcoming certification classes and live demonstrations at various locations throughout North America.


KAEHLER CORE is officially launched and the website is up www.www.kaehlercore.com. Manufacturing and design modifications have streamlined its use, making for comprehensive workouts which are quick, effective, and fun for teams, gyms, group training programs, rehabilitation clinics, and home or office.


Multiple colleges and high school teams are implementing the KAEHLER CORE as an integral part of their strength, flexibility, and conditioning program. Good Shepherd becomes the first physical therapy practice to start using the KAEHLER CORE to treat patients.


The KAEHLER CORE receives first patent based on the Column Core design. The first Level 1 Kaehler Core instructor was certified.


Harvard University becomes first college to start utilizing the Kaehler Core.


The KAEHLER CORE (formerly Body Band-it) machine was developed to replicate and consolidate the 12 unique Column Core Training™ exercises Bob Kaehler has been using for over 20 years with clients and patients. Once Bob created the first working prototype he immediately knew this was an integrative, one-of-a kind device.