KAEHLER CORE (KC) Testimonials

After about four to five weeks of training on the Kaehler Core I circled back to Bobby Lea to see how he was doing with the column-core training. We had done two 20 to 25 minute virtual training sessions on some base training exercises on the Kaehler Core to get him going. This was his response when I asked him if he needed another coaching session. Hey Bob, I’ve been doing so well, never been better, actually. I’m astounded at how much more solid and stable my body feels, so much better than any times when I’ve been doing big core strength work in the gym. I feel stable and balanced like I’ve never felt before. And that’s before we even talk about riding. On the bike my trunk feels incredible, and I’ve also noticed a more balanced pedal stroke with little to no upper body movement. More power on the upstroke is very noticeable, as is an insane increase in power output. And that I can objectively measure. The endurance isn’t there anymore because I’m riding 70% fewer hours per week than I used to, but sub-60 minute power numbers are damn near as good as they ever were. I wish I had this device when I was still riding for a living.

-Bobby Lea Olympian (2008,12,16)

At 40 years of age I was in pain on a daily basis. A sports-related injury in my twenties resulted in two lumbar (L5/S1) discectomy surgeries on the same level. It hurt to sleep and walk, and cardio was a distant daydream. My doctor suggested I try physical therapy before coming into the office to explore more aggressive options, such as fusion surgery. I had tried physical therapy several times for my back, but found it either didn’t work or made things worse. However, I really wanted to avoid another surgery so I gave it a go. After my first session with Bob I knew this experience was going to be different. He showed me why and how my specific body movements where putting stress on my back. Then he showed me his “Column Core method”, which changed my life! I put a lot of time and focus on implementing the Column Core method in all my daily movements and my pain started to subside. I wanted more! I talked to Bob and decided to invest in my own Kaehler Core training machine. Bob gave me a few hands-on lessons and I started to notice my core strengthening and engaging even when I wasn’t paying attention to my movements. I am happy to say that I’m back to doing cardio exercises (and of course sleeping and walking) with no pain! Now, I won’t return to competitive sports like soccer, but I also won’t need fusion surgery. I am so thankful for what I learned from Bob and how his method and equipment have helped improve my life.

–Christina Simeone

“The KC is a great option for low impact strength training that directly correlates with the rowing motion. Rather than forcing the body into an unnatural and unsustainable position, the KC teaches the athlete to work within their own framework from a position of strength that eliminates the athlete’s risk of injury. The KC was especially effective in training athletes who came from very different strength training backgrounds as was the case with the 2018 U23 team.”

— Brett Gorman, U23 US Women’s Rowing Coach

“Due to an intense travel schedule, I implemented my Kahler Core regiment without the recommended support of a certified KC trainer. Fortunately, my experience was extremely positive—I was able to seamlessly develop an introductory program, by myself, using the provided instructions and demonstration videos. In just 30 days, I exceeded my initial strength and conditioning goals and advanced to my desired baseline within six months. The KC is truly a revolutionary fitness solution.”

-Jason Wingard, Ph.D., President at Temple University

“My training has been routinely interrupted by lower back problems. Rehabilitative exercises require strict adherence to proper form, and despite my best efforts, sloppiness always seems to creep back into the mix. The KC ensures that I maintain proper form, and it allows me to isolate and focus on individual muscle groups with total confidence that I am not subjecting myself to another source of potential injury.”

-John Gilbert – 50+ Master’s Rower

“The Kaehler Core (KC) is a great addition to my home gym and allows me to activate and engage my entire core in a way that free-weights and other core devices can’t.”

“Wow, is all I could say after my first workout on the KC. It had engaged my core in ways I wasn’t able to with free-weights or a physio-ball. The band resistance makes it fast and very effective.”

“Core resistance training is necessary to prevent injury and increase power for any athlete. The KC is the most effective tool I’ve used in my training program to engage my core and increase strength.

-Matt Hughes 30+y/o, US Rowing National Team Alumni

“I think as an aging athlete (it’s just a number right?), rower, business owner, etc. the ability to train, compete, and succeed in sport and in life becomes more complicated. Time or lack of is a key enemy. Economy of training becomes more critical. Not is a short cut way but in a “how do I maximize the time I have way.” In an effort to recover from back and hip issues I was looking for a way to develop more functional strength and met Bob who introduced me to his “column core” training system just prior to the creation of the Kaehler Core. His system did it. I now use the KC in my home office, in my garage, I take it on the road with me when I travel (I drive 35k miles per year) and I am that guy that was doing KC squats in a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike. I use it during work breaks as my hips need it. Between computer, driving, training, etc., the ability to do quick effective workouts with the KC is, in my mind, its best feature. It is accessible which means you will use it.

It’s a simple unit, nothing breaks, it allows you to workout outside which improves the quality of the training, in my opinion. When one looks at the recovery and training tools we have today, the KC and KC training programs give you the edge. Now if I could improve my rowing, I might actually be fast.

-Dave Powers – 60+ Masters Athlete (cyclist, rower)

Dear Coach Kaehler,
I wanted to thank you for helping me row again. I did a 2k time trail on the Concept 2 erg the other day and went 6:31 which is a huge personal best for me from 6:56 last year. I am rowing in the Varsity 8 for the Stotesbury Cup. My shoulder chronic shoulder injury feels so much better thanks to your “column core” training method.

-Edward L. High School Rower – Junior Year

I entered three events at Master’s National Rowing Championships and won all three; and with no back pains. It had to be the Kaehler Core training I have done over the past six-weeks that has eliminated the chronic low back pain I have had from three herniated discs. Based on my personal results I would like to incorporate the KCs with the girl’s high school rowing team I coach. Thanks.

-Mike B., 60+ Master’s Rower/ HS Rowing Coach