Triathlete Training

Training Challenges

All triathletes understand the challenges of training for a triathlon. These include limited training time, training related injuries, and a lack of efficient ways to improve strength, flexibility and race time.

Scheduling weekly triathlon training workouts can be a time challenge and getting enough weekly running, biking, and swimming, miles can be a constant battle. In addition, this time crunch not only leaves little time to improve one’s personal record, but often leads to one dropping or reducing their strength and flexibility training. This combination is a recipe for disaster and often results in subpar performances and training related injuries.

What If…

What if you could gain balanced strength and flexibility, plus train anytime and anyplace?

Pictured above: Triathlete Rene Russo who went from an initial 14:30 IM down to 11:52 IM result (Net Result 2:38) in two years after incorporating the KAEHLER CORE into her triathlon training program.

Introducing KAEHLER CORE

A Powerful Triathlon Training Machine

Get Faster, Stronger while Reducing Training Time & Injuries

The KAEHLER CORE offers triathletes a powerful, portable, and time efficient training system that will balance your entire muscular system in as little as 15 to 20 minutes a day. Freeing up valuable training time will allow you to concentrate on your swimming, cycling, and running. Because the KAEHLER CORE is portable (weighing 12 pounds) you can perform your full body workout wherever you are training. In addition, you can use it as a more comprehensive standalone workout to address all your strength and flexibility needs.


  • Increases STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, and SPEED by up to 16%
  • Reduces Training Injuries
  • Produces Results in 6 Short Weeks
  • Strengthens Core, Back, and Extremities
  • Mimics many different sporting movements and targets weak and inflexible muscles
  • Travels easily to the gym, beach and park
  • Plus, we stand behind each KAEHLER CORE with our 100% Money Back Guaranty

Exceptional Performance Gains

The KAEHLER CORE can mimic nearly every sport motion for exceptional performance gains.

15 Minutes Per Day

The KAEHLER CORE offers full flexibility and strength training in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Travels Everywhere

Weighing only 12 lbs., the KAEHLER CORE travels everywhere.

A Strong Core is the Key to Improved Strength, Flexibility and Race Times

Innovative Core Training …

KAEHLER CORE’s unique column core design improves strength and flexibility while eliminating guess work. It’s like having your own personal world-class “triathlete trainer” that specifically targets the muscles that need improvement to optimize your performance. In addition, it exercises dormant muscles that are minimally trained during your typical triathlon and strength training workouts. Targeting these muscles not only gives you a performance edge, but helps you stay injury free.

7 Benefits of KAEHLER CORE for Triathletes

1. Reduces Training Injury

Current studies show that 9 out of 10 triathletes experience some type of injury related setbacks during training. So if you are frustrated with training set-backs and looking to finally eliminate nagging training injuries then look no further as the KAEHLER CORE will quickly get you back on track.

2. Increases Flexibility

The KAEHLER CORE’s column core training design allows you to target tight and inflexible muscles by directing stretching force where you need it. Column directed force effectively and powerfully develops spine stability that ensures your arms and legs are lengthened and strengthened at the same time. This base training creates flexible and resilient muscles.

3. Increases Speed, Strength, and Endurance

Speed, strength, and endurance are fully optimized when whole body muscle strength and flexibility are balanced. Column core training helps quickly restore whole body muscle balance making you faster and more powerful for longer periods of time.

4. Saves Valuable Time Training

Whether you are participating in an Olympic triathlon training program or an Ironman, you can’t afford to waste time using indiscriminate training methods which produce inconsistent results. The KAEHLER CORE is a proven system that provides you with advanced training methods that are very time effective and allow you to focus most of your time on sport specific event training.

5. Specifically Designed for Running, Swimming and Cycling Training

The column directed resistance feature of the KAEHLER CORE allows you to quickly transition strength training movements from running, to cycling, and to swimming. Fifteen to 20 minutes is all you need to complete a laser focused whole body workout on the KAEHLER CORE that targets each triathlon discipline making strength and flexibility training fun and balanced, yet very effective.

6. Light Weight & Portable

Train whenever and wherever you want. The KAEHLER CORE easily fits in most cars and is light weight and portable allowing you the freedom to train at the beach, park, gym, pool, and home. In fact, many triathletes use this training equipment to warm-up their neuromuscular system before a race or triathlon workout or to help with post training recovery. It is truly a portable gym.

7. Risk Free – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try it for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund.

Trusted by pro and college coaches, trainers, & triathlon enthusiasts

Whether you are going through an Olympic triathlon training program or an Ironman, you can’t afford to waste time using indiscriminate training methods getting inconsistent results. The KAEHLER CORE is a proven system that provides you with advanced training methods that are very time effective and allow you to focus most of your time on sport specific event training.

The KAEHLER CORE will quickly become your most valuable piece of triathlon training equipment because it will help you become faster, more powerful, and virtually injury free.

Take the NEXT STEP to faster, more effective performance training.

Break Your Personal Record While Training Injury Free

Risk Free Offer

The biggest challenge for Triathletes? Getting faster while staying injury free.

Need Speed? Column Core Training with the KAEHLER CORE activates underused muscles that are integral to developing top speed and power. Train effectively and efficiently with the KAEHLER CORE.

Worried about Injury? KAEHLER CORE strength and flexibility training develops ideal rowing posture by balancing your muscle system and controlling your spine, making you stronger and longer, leading to faster race times and better injury prevention.

Tackle both of these challenges by using the KAEHLER CORE. It’s fast and efficient. It will keep you strong and injury free to get you the results YOU deserve.

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