Back to Running!

Christina, pictured below, started her “column core” training system journey ten weeks ago. She now regularly trains on her own Kaehler Core and is starting to see that she might actually be able to run again in the immediate future which three months ago never crossed her mind. She thought her sports days were long over following two L5-S1 micro-discectomies done in her twenties. Chronic back pain had been a daily part of life but now she has been pain-free for the last nine weeks and she can sleep through the night, train aggressively on her elliptical machine, and enjoy playing on the floor with her three-year-old daughter, all pain-free. At 42 years-old she has her life back and looks forward to being able to run two or three miles with a smile on her face. Pictured below is a hip flexor stretch that opens up hip extension while the spine remains fixed and hips stable. For the first eight weeks on the K-Core she has focused on building her base spine control and she is now ready for this Level 3 exercise.