Rowing Posture

An upright spine (column core spine) produces more power than a C-shaped or curled spine posture for any sport. Rowing provides a challenge to maintaining an upright spine posture where the seat blocks the hip from moving and requires the rower to have excellent flexibility in the hamstrings, glutes, and latissimus muscles and enough trunk power to avoid collapsing into a c-shape. Single leg rowing is a great way to start understanding the upright spine position while rowing. In the video I am moving from single to double leg rowing to which builds spine awareness and helps rowers move towards a more upright posture. The more C-curved your spine the weaker your posture and power becomes and the more injury risk you incur. Rowing this way is the main cause of low back pain or low back stiffness. This posture also is the main contributor to rowing rib fractures and other training related rowing injuries.