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Discover the latest developments in optimizing whole body strength and flexibility to enhance any sport or activity injury free. "Column-core" training forges optimal bodies using column directed band resistance to activate "deep core" muscles that other training methods fail to switch. An additional primary benefit is the quick and effective restoration of injuries and prevention of future injuries. Learn about how column guided training begins building a new "internal muscle map" that allows athletes to "feel" what proper arm, leg, and trunk muscle activation is when the spine actually provides and non-moving column platform. The more time you spend on developing effectively you develop your "column core", the faster and stronger you will become even if your favorite sport or /activity requires some spine motion.

Learn Find out why so many top college and high school coaches use depend on the Kaehler Core as a key part of their weekly training that to keeps their athlete's out of the "trainer's room" and at peak performance levels. The Kaehler Core has helped thousands of athletes develop their optimal bodies and reach personal performance goals injury free.

This is why your back is stiff, sore, or painful

It is not the condition of the activity you do that creates morning low back stiffness, episodic back pain, or damaged discs (herniation or bulge), but is actually the condition of how you use your spine/back to help produce extremity motion to lift, push, or pull objects. How you operate your spine is what causes these manifestations. Simply put you can either; move your spine along with the arms and legs to produce a movement, or you can keep the spine stable (like a column) so it can provide a solid platform for them arms and legs to work against. These two movement options are all that is available to everyone.

    Moving Back or Survival Movement:

The first way is the moving back system and occurs when the spine moves (isotonic contraction) along with the arms and/or legs to generate the desired movement. I call this “survival movement”. There is no solid foundation or platform for the arms and/or legs to work against.

    Non-moving Back or Thrive Movement:

The other option is called the “thrive movement system” and is where the spine provides a non-moving platform for the arms and legs to work against. The spine stabilizes and the arms and legs do all the movement. Developing this thrive system quickly corrects any existing strength and length deficits found in the arms and legs. It also builds your most powerful core while eliminating or preventing injuries. Kaehler Core quickly helps your develop your thrive movement system and builds your best body so you can excel at rowing, running, triathlon, obstacle course racing, track and field, weight lifting or whatever it is you love to do. In the video Christina is doing a Level 1 (of the four levels) Kaehler Core exercise. She has overcome chronic low back pain using both the Kaehler Core and column core training. The Kaehler Core quickly helps your develop your thrive movement system and builds your best body so you can excel at rowing, running, triathlon, obstacle course racing, track and field, weight lifting or whatever it is you love to do.

Dynamic Stretch Split Squats

I always do some dynamic stretching before any explosive training. Today’s post is a quick reminder that warming up your tendons, ligaments, and muscles before any explosive activity is a must so you perform at a higher level and cuts down on injury risk (back or tendon injuries, etc.). In the video I am doing a pull-down split squat that activates my upper body, core and trunk, hips, and basically all the leg muscles. I like doing three to five second holds and usually complete 10 reps per side to ensure I get sufficient muscle activation or what I call neural flushing. Make sure the next time you head out to train for rowing, running, obstacle course training, or track workouts that you include some dynamic stretches to your routine.

Welcome to the Kaehler Core Blog page!

This first video post will start with a Level 1 exercise which are done either on your back or stomach. Cross-Abs: This is a Level 1 “column core” exercise. The “column directed resistance” helps your deep core muscles activate training your spine to provide a non-moving foundation for the arms and legs to work against. The resistance of the band is increasing as my elbow and knee move closer together. Having the spine on the ground helps develop your non-moving spine control which helps keep you injury-free and maximizes whole body strength and flexibility.

Coming Soon!

Hello! Welcome to the world of Column Core™ Training. Shortly, we will start posting videos and written content to help you get the most out of your “column core™ training”.

The Kaehler Core is a powerful versatile training tool that will improve whole body strength and flexibility for every sport and training activity. Please feel free to comment or post questions once we get started.

We are looking forward to see how KAEHLER CORE improves your performance!